Enchantress With Raven - Women Art Print

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This glamorous poppy-adorned lady and her winged friend create magic in this image! Painted by Harry Watrous in 1900 and titled The Magician, it's a deceptively simple image that reveals more with each closer look. See this image on a greeting card!

Harry Willson Watrous (1857–1940) was an American artist with a diverse oeuvre spanning genre scenes, landscapes, portraits, and religious subjects. Born in San Francisco to a family of means, he received a privileged upbringing in New York City and studied art in France. Initially known for his meticulously detailed genre paintings reminiscent of European masters, he transitioned to larger-scale works. This period marked a shift towards enigmatic portrayals of women, characterized by psychological depth and symbolic undertones. Notably, his 1913 painting, The Drop Sinister, challenged societal norms by depicting an American interracial family, sparking widespread discussion and controversy. He was an active member of the National Academy of Design, advocating for traditional artistic values amidst the rise of Modernism. His legacy extends beyond his artwork, evidenced by his remarkable collection of over 100 artists' palettes, signed by each artist.

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11" x 14", Bagged with Backer Board


Harry Watrous