Bear with a Bottle - Birthday Greeting Card

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OUTSIDE GREETING: Have A Beary Good Birthday

INSIDE GREETING: It’s your day to indulge!

This bear is quite the enthusiastic celebrator! This amusing image captures the bear's festive spirit, created by Franz Laskoff in 1922 for a Campari Cordial advertisement. Interestingly, polar bears were prominently featured in advertising during this era due to their popularity in circuses. Trained polar bears in Wilhelm Hagenbeck's troupe, were especially famous for their antics, including drinking from bottles. It's possible that Laskoff drew inspiration from such performances when crafting this delightful illustration! See our entire Birthday Card Collection!

Franz Laskoff (1869-1921) was a Polish artist who studied in Strasbourg, Paris, and London during his youth. He encountered profound influences shaping his distinctive style in these vibrant artistic hubs. He developed a penchant for employing flat colors in his art. Upon arriving in Italy in 1900, he swiftly channeled his talent into creating remarkable posters for the Ricordi company's prestigious clientele. His style stood in stark contrast to that of his contemporaries at Ricordi. While others embraced the Liberty Style, an Italian variant of Art Nouveau, his approach favored minimal outlining and decorative effects, opting instead for the bold impact of flat colors to craft powerful imagery.

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Franz Laskoff

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