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Meet the iconic "TWA's Petty Girl!" In 1941, renowned artist George Petty immortalized the TWA hostess in a captivating drawing that exuded both glamour and patriotism. With a Stratoliner plane (the precursor to the commercial Stratocruiser) in the background, this illustration served as a symbol of TWA's excellence and a nod to the spirit of the times during World War II. From posters to postcards and even luggage tags, the image of "TWA's Petty Girl" captured the hearts and imaginations of millions. See this image on a greeting card!

George Petty (1894-1975) was an American pin-up artist known for his iconic illustrations of glamorous and alluring women, popular in the mid-20th century. He gained fame for his contributions to Esquire magazine, where his playful and cheeky pin-up girls, affectionately known as "Petty Girls," graced the pages from the 1930s to the 1950s. His illustrations showcased a unique blend of elegance, humor, and sensuality, making his work an enduring symbol of the era's allure and sophistication. Petty's legacy as an artist continues to influence pin-up and pop art, leaving a lasting impression on the world of illustration and popular culture.

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George Petty