Memorandum - Pocket Notebook

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3-pack of 24-page memo books, each featuring a unique cover design and offering three variations of interiors: ruled, graph, & blank, sleeved

We've always found the receipt, ledger, cash, and memorandum notebooks of the past charming, with their decorated covers and leather or imitation leather corners. We've designed these little notebooks to resemble miniature memorandum books from yesteryear. Whether you're inspired to cosplay as a shopkeeper of old or want to carry your to-do list or brilliant thoughts in your pocket, these notebooks are perfect! They have sturdy covers, making these slim notebooks ideal for carrying everywhere. Inside, you'll find lined, unlined, and graph paper pages, offering versatility for various writing needs. See all our Pocket Notebook Sets!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Product Specs

3" X 5.5", 3 pack of 24pp, Sleeved, (Ruled, Grid & Lined Pages)