Sunflowers Postcard Box - Everyday Boxed Postcards

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36 postcards (3 each of 12 designs), with a vintage postcard back with a dividing line and stamp box

In Victorian floriography, sunflowers symbolized adoration and loyalty, embodying the sun's positivity and energy. Interestingly, interpretations varied; while a tall sunflower signified false riches, a smaller one conveyed a more positive message. Sending flowers during Victorian times could be fraught with hidden meanings! Fortunately, sending postcards posed far less risk. Our curated collection features sunflower images from Art Nouveau decorations, paintings, and botanical drawings. This diverse selection presents intriguing variations of this flower, which has held profound meaning for people throughout history. See our entire Sun & Sunflowers Collection!

This product was custom designed and created at our Seattle location, elegantly presented within a deluxe keepsake box.

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Product Specs

4.5" x 6.25", 36 Postcards, Boxed