Smiling Sun, Moon and Stars - Encouragement Greeting Card

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Bask in the radiance of joy with Hooligan Ruth's delightful greeting card featuring a beaming sun, moon, and star. Paired with the iconic greeting "Good Day Sunshine" from the beloved Beatles song, it not only channels the spirit of the 60s but also becomes a timeless expression of happiness. With its mod, sixties-inspired design and a blank interior, this card transforms into a versatile canvas, ready to convey sentiments of joy across a multitude of occasions. See our entire Encouragement Card Collection!

Hooligan Ruth is the nom de plume/design studio for contemporary artist, Danielle Marshall. She's a longtime friend of the Laughing Elephant family who shares our passion for vintage illustration! We started to work with her in 2016, producing 8 of her cards, and now sell 40 (and counting!) cards featuring her unique collage work with vintage elements.

This item was custom printed at our location in Seattle.

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Hooligan Ruth

Product Specs

A6 (4.5" X 6.25") with Envelope