A Girl In Bed With Her Toys - Get Well Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: Times of rest can feed the soul as well as heal the body.

In this illustration, a child plays with her toys in bed, originally accompanying a Robert Louis Stevenson poem, Land of Counterpane: "I was the giant great and still, That sits upon the pillow-hill." It's a scene of rest and recovery relatable across time! See our entire Get Well Card Collection!

Minnie Dibdin Spooner (1867-1949), born Winifred Davison, was a notable British artist celebrated for her illustrations in children's literature. Between 1893 and 1903, she exhibited her works at the prestigious Royal Academy of London. In 1900, she married Charles Sydney Spooner, an architect, and together, they embarked on collaborative ventures in furniture and stained glass design for various church projects. Under the name M. Dibdin Spooner, she illustrated The Golden Staircase: Poems and Verses for Children, a renowned anthology of children's poetry from 1906. She was recognized for her skill as a miniature painter, employing oil paint for portraits and watercolor for miniatures and other subjects. Her artistic repertoire also included landscapes and genre scenes.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Minnie Dibdin Spooner

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