A Mother's Wisdom - Mother's Day Greeting Card

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A wondrous magazine illustration by Walter Beach Humphrey depicts the blossoming world of imagination as a mother shares a story with her child. Originally featured on the cover of the June 1, 1929, edition of the Christian Herald for a Children's Day special, it has a truly timeless quality that resonates across the decades. See this image as an art print!

Walter Beach Humphrey (1892/1893 – 1966) was an accomplished American artist and educator, born in Elkton, Wisconsin. After completing his education at Dartmouth College in 1914, he honed his artistic skills at the Art Students League in New York City. Humphrey gained recognition for his artistic contributions, creating seven covers for The Saturday Evening Post and producing illustrations for various advertisements. His talent extended to mural painting, with notable works including the Patriotic Montage, now housed at the Smithsonian, and the Hovey Murals at Dartmouth University. Residing in New Rochelle, New York, alongside other prominent artists like Edward Penfield, J.C. Leyendecker, and Norman Rockwell, Humphrey immersed himself in the realistic, slice-of-life style of his contemporaries. In his later years, he shared his expertise by teaching commercial art at New Rochelle High School, leaving a lasting impact on the artistic community.

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Walter Beach Humphrey

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