Raggedy Ann & Andy Hugging - Birthday Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: Here's a hug for your birthday.

A sweet hug from childhood friends Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy under a flower arch! They're joined by a pair of birds and a fairy friend for a harmonious greeting card. We were introduced to Raggedy Ann in 1918 in Johnny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann Stories, followed shortly by her brother. Children have enjoyed their nursery adventures with fellow toys for over 100 years! 
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Johnny Gruelle (1880-1938) was an American artist and writer renowned for his enduring creation of the beloved Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy characters. Born into an artistic family, his father, Richard Gruelle, was associated with the Hoosier Group of American Impressionist painters. Johnny's creative journey began in political cartoons and single-frame sports comics, showcasing his versatile talents. The enchanting Raggedy Ann and Andy characters he birthed enjoyed remarkable success, extending beyond literature into extensive character merchandising, solidifying their place in the hearts of generations.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Johnny Gruelle

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