Mermaid with a Bubble - Mermaids Greeting Card

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Is it a pearl or a bubble? Either way, it's certainly magical! Henry Clive's enchanting mermaid, against a vibrant coral backdrop, adorned the cover of the March 26, 1939 edition of The American Weekly. This magazine, which proudly dubbed itself "The Nation's Reading Habit" with the "Greatest Circulation in the World," consistently featured remarkable illustrations, rendering it a cherished source of visual delights for both us and fellow illustration enthusiasts. See this image on postcards in a set!

Henry Clive, whose birth name was Henry O'Hara, (1883–1960) was a Australian-born American artist renowned for his profound influence on the world of illustration. His mastery of the Art Deco style, characterized by bold lines, lavish detail, and truly beautiful women, made him a sought-after cover artist for magazines like Photoplay and The American Magazine. Clive's work often featured glamorous women in exotic landscapes, capturing the essence of the Roaring Twenties. Before his illustrious artistic career, Clive dabbled in magic and acted in silent films. Hollywood became his artistic playground, where he painted Ziegfeld Girls for promotional campaigns and even served as Charlie Chaplin's art director! Despite a complex personal life (he was married six times!) Clive's legacy endures in the vintage illustration world, a testament to his ability to evoke the allure and sophistication of the Jazz Age.

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Henry Clive

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