Rabbit Looking - Easter Greeting Card

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This eager rabbit, beautifully rendered by Frank S. Guild, first popped up on the Easter 1903 cover of Ladies' Home Journal. While it remains a cherished part of our Easter Collection, this charming depiction has also garnered immense popularity beyond the holiday season, establishing itself as one of our most beloved and enduring illustrations. See this image on a birthday card, as an art printon a notebookAND on postcards in a set!

Frank S. Guild (1856-1929), an American-born painter, gained widespread recognition primarily for his iconic covers for Ladies' Home Journal magazine. This publication, founded in the 19th century and still influential today, covers a diverse array of topics, including art, literature, business, public service, education, and more, making it a cultural touchstone. Guild's artistic repertoire primarily featured depictions of animals and people. While his life remains somewhat shrouded in obscurity, his illustrations continue to resonate with audiences, particularly ours!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Frank S. Guild

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