Dear Santa... - Christmas Greeting Card

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This little boy is hedging his bets with this letter! Featured as cover art under the title I don't believe in Santa Claus, but I'm not taking any chances, this delightful creation adorned the pages of the December 19, 1912, issue of Life magazine, skillfully brought to life by the artistic hands of Robert John Wildhack. Now, this charming scene serves as more than a historical gem; it transforms into a perfect greeting card for the holiday season. Who knows, it might just be the ideal card for writing a note to the jolly man in the red suit himself! See our entire Vintage Magazine Cover Collection!

Robert John Wildhack (1881-1940) was an American illustrator with a fascinating career. After studying art in New York City, he ventured into ad agencies before becoming a prolific contributor to popular magazines. During World War I, he played a vital role in the Division of Pictorial Publicity, creating impactful posters and cartoons. Post-war, he moved to Los Angeles, drawing on his vaudeville background to host a radio show and showcase his talents on stage and in film. Wildhack's journey reflects the dynamic intersections of art and entertainment in the early 20th century.

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Robert John Wildhack

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