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This captivating dancer is none other than the renowned star of her era, Joyce Coles. Jean Oldham's exquisite rendering of her graced the cover of Dance Magazine in June 1928, capturing the essence of grand celebration! Coles' vibrant spirit and talent shine through in this splendid image, epitomizing the joy and glamour of her time. See this image on a greeting card AND on postcards in a set!

Jean Oldham (born in the early 20th century, active mainly in the 1920s) was a gifted artist whose work has left a mark on the world of illustration. Her oeuvre spans a range of art forms, from enchanting oil paintings that could seamlessly stand alone as art pieces to striking magazine covers that graced various publications. Her art, often reminiscent of the slice-of-life imagery and style of Norman Rockwell, found its way into advertisements and illustrations, where it showcased her remarkable talent in storytelling through visuals. Jean Oldham's contributions extended to designing covers for publications like The Dance Magazine and even pulp magazines like Ghost Stories (they're fantastic and certainly weird!).

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Jean Oldham