Monaco Grand Prix 1937 - Travel Art Print

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Rev up the excitement with Géo Ham's iconic 1937 Monaco Grand Prix poster! Feel the adrenaline of this historic race that has been thrilling motorsport enthusiasts for decades. Ham has captured the thrill of the roaring engines and the elegance of the Côte d'Azur in this timeless artwork celebrating one of the most prestigious events in racing history. See Géo Ham's poster for the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix here!

Géo Ham, born in 1900 as Georges Hamel, led a fascinating life that intertwined art, automobiles, and the glamorous French Riviera. He began his artistic journey as a painter and sculptor, but his passion for automobiles led him to become one of the most renowned automotive artists of his time! As a young man, he attended races at the famous Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry, where he sketched cars and drivers with remarkable precision and artistry. His ability to capture the essence of speed and motion in his illustrations made him a sought-after artist among automobile manufacturers, racing teams, and enthusiasts alike. Ham's artistic talents extended beyond the racetrack, as he also contributed his skill to create maritime and aviation posters, in fact, he was recognized as the official painter for French aviation, in 1931!

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Géo Ham