Storm in A Teacup - Weird & Wonderful Greeting Card

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Watch out for the storm brewing by the apricot jam! Charles Folkard drew this little sailor in a teacup, but we're unsure of its source. As she's a little blonde girl, it may be a scene of Alice being shrunk down in Wonderland, as he is known to have illustrated her adventures in multiple iterations. Do you know where it's from? If so, email our Brand & Content Manager at We're always eager to learn more about vintage illustration! See this image as an art print!

Charles Folkard (1878–1963) was a prominent British book illustrator and comic artist best known for creating Teddy Tail (1915-1926), one of the earliest and longest-running British newspaper comics, which appeared in The Daily Mail. (Some also credit him as the first to use speech bubbles in comics)! Initially pursuing a career in magic and conjuring under the pseudonym Professor Volkart, he later committed to art. His illustrations gained recognition when magazines like Little Folks and the Tatler published his work. His breakthrough came with his illustrations for Johann David Wyss' novel The Swiss Family Robinson in 1910. Throughout his prolific career, he illustrated numerous classic stories, fairy tales, and fables. However, his enduring legacy rests with Teddy Tail, a daily comic strip featuring an anthropomorphic mouse named after his son Edward. The strip's success led to adaptations into children's annuals, toys, and an official fan club! Despite briefly leaving the series during World War I, Folkard continued to enchant Teddy's fans until 1926, when he shifted his focus to illustration work. His final years were dedicated to book illustration, rounding out his career to leave a rich legacy in British comic and illustration history.

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Charles Folkard

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