A Fairy Scattering Leaves - Birthday Greeting Card
🍂 A sweet autumnal fairy by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite 🍂
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As the autumnal equinox approaches on September 22nd in the northern hemisphere, we're already savoring the crisp fall breeze and witnessing the first hues of changing leaves here in Seattle, WA. While autumn might not traditionally be a greeting card-centric season, we're firm believers in the timeless practice of sending cards for any and every reason, just as the Edwardians and Victorians did! With the cooler weather settling in, there's no better time to cozy up at home and put pen to paper. So, join us in celebrating the arrival of fall and the art of handwritten correspondence.
Longtime Laughing Elephant fans are likely well-acquainted with the enchanting realm of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, our undisputed queen of fairy illustrations. Her prolific portfolio ensures there are fairies for every season, each with its own special charm. Yet, what truly works its magic in her art isn't just the whimsical creatures themselves but the lush, captivating nature that surrounds them. Ida was renowned for her exquisite portrayal of the Australian bush, her home and muse. While Australia may not embrace autumn until March, there's a universal allure in the way she masterfully captures the chill in the air as it creeps upon her enchanted beings!
Witch Taking Flight - Witches Greeting Card
Fairies may have been her forte, but Ida Rentoul Outhwaite made room for a multitude of magical creations, including witches!
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Indeed, autumn is the season when witches take center stage! In our catalog, you'll discover a bewitching array of illustrated witches, spanning the spectrum from cute to crone and sweet to spooky! Many of these mystical characters are joined by other iconic symbols of the season, such as black cats, wise owls, eerie bats, and more. Take, for instance, this whimsical depiction of a grand hag, elegantly chauffeured by a seasonal gourd in a car crafted from the bountiful harvest of the autumn season!
Watermelon Car - Halloween Greeting Card
Race into fall like this early 1900s crew!
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Speaking of harvests, autumn is also the time for gathering in the bountiful crops of the year. In our collection, you'll find a wide array of cards that pay tribute to the quintessential symbol of the season: the mighty pumpkin! Whether depicted freshly plucked from the vine or transformed into a glowing jack-o-lantern, the pumpkin stands as the quintessential visual marker of this magical time of year, making it the perfect motif for sending warm autumn greetings.Children & Giant Pumpkin - Halloween Art Print
Let’s hear it for the most popular gourd of all!
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On the topic of pumpkins, don't you just love this harvest scene below? I (Allison, Brand & Content Manager) certainly do! Lately, I've been diligently crafting more comprehensive product descriptions that not only capture the essence of these vintage illustrations but also shed light on their history and the artists behind them. However, some of these treasures remain a bit enigmatic, like this one! While we can attribute it to Dorothy G. Henderson, an American illustrator active during the 1930s, its exact origin and context, possibly from a children's book, remain elusive. If you happen to have any insights about this talented artist or the specific image, we invite you to reach out to Allison at allison.frey@laughingelephant.com. Your knowledge could help unravel the mystery behind this charming piece of art!
Country Girl in Pumpkin Field - Halloween Art Print
Do you perhaps recognize this sweet girl from a book in your childhood? Please reach out if you do! 
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If you're celebrating an autumnal birthday for a loved one, we have just the card for you! This delightful girl, her arms brimming with vibrant foliage, is one of our most beloved images during this season. Originally illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith for the October 1926 cover of Good Housekeeping magazine, she now eagerly awaits the opportunity to convey a heartfelt armful of good wishes through a greeting card!
Armload of Birthday Wishes - Birthday Greeting Card
Jessie Willcox Smith offers darling illustrated children for all seasons!
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Lastly, as we approach October and the fall season in general, it's the perfect time to both get cozy with a good book or send warm wishes to friends and family. Whether you're preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas well in advance, we've got you covered with our range of delightful cards. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into these categories in the coming months. Happy Autumn!
Halloween Reading - Halloween Greeting Card
We heartily agree with this Work Projects Administration (WPA) poster by Albert M. Bender!
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