Couple with a Suitcase - Bon Voyage Greeting Card by T.E. Lemaire
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Join us on an illustrated trip back in time to the French Riviera during the Golden Age of Travel! And what could be more fitting for our grand voyage than indulging in the luxury of a magnificent ocean liner? The majestic Normandie was one of the grandest vessels of her time, boasting elegant interiors, exquisite cuisine, and impeccable service, making every voyage an unforgettable experience. Passengers would embark on a journey filled with elegance and refinement, crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean in style. A.M. Cassandre's iconic poster Normandie from 1935 captures the essence of this bygone era, transporting us to a time when ocean liner travel was the ultimate symbol of opulence and adventure!
Majestic Cruise Ship - Travel Art Print by A.M. Cassandre
This poster for the French Line of Compagnie Générale Transatlantique is a beloved travel classic that beautifully embodies the artistic style of the Art Deco movement!
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Be sure to adorn your steamer trunk with luggage labels! These artistic travel stickers hold a fascinating history dating back to the golden age of travel. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, luxury hotels, airlines, and cruise lines sought unique ways to promote their services, giving birth to these eye-catching gems. Renowned artists and designers crafted these miniature masterpieces, capturing the essence of exotic destinations and sparking a sense of adventure. While their popularity declined with mass travel, luggage labels remain cherished collectibles!
Cunard White Star Line in Golden Age of Transport - Travel Label Sticker Box
Gone are the days of gum-adhered luggage labels that risk damage upon removal. Embrace the convenience and versatility of our 13 luggage label sticker sets, offering easy peel-and-stick application for your travel adventures!
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While on board the ship, hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing and antic-free, unlike this movie— it's set upon our same boat, the Normandie! Set sail into the entertaining world of Sweet Surrender (1935), where the lives of stars Frank Parker, Tamara (a mononymous star), and Russ Brown take hilariously unexpected turns. A runaway ballet dancer, mistaken identities, and European adventures set the stage for a wild ride! Despite mixed reviews, this Swedish movie poster is an absolute gem worth cherishing!
Sweet Surrender Poster - Retro Movie Posters Art Print
Would you believe from this poster that Sweet Surrender is an anti-war musical set on an ocean liner!?
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Let’s let French Riviera Art Deco travel posters determine where we go! Roger Broders' iconic 1926 artwork, La Corne D'Or is a perfect example. Broders' illustrious career as an artist began in the early 20th century, contributing fashion and travel illustrations to Parisian magazines, and extended to the 1950s as a painter and book illustrator. However, it was his advertising work between 1920 and 1933 that earned him lasting fame. With the Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée Railway (PLM) as his principal client, he designed 65 posters, capturing the allure of destinations along their routes from Paris to the Côte d’Azur. Beyond PLM, his artistic talent was sought after by other prestigious railway lines and businesses, resulting in fewer than 100 posters, almost all travel-themed masterpieces, including his Vichy Comité Des Fêtes poster!
La Corne d'Or - Travel Art Print by Roger Broders
Nestled along the sun-kissed Côte d'Azur between Nice and Monaco, La Corne D'Or stands as a charming villa, exuding a cool and alluring ambiance.
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For fashion inspiration on this trip, look no further than these bathing beauties! Monte Carlo is undoubtedly the epitome of beauty and relaxation along the French Riviera! This vintage poster by Jean-Gabriel Domergue beckons you to witness the allure of the "most beautiful women in the world." Their signature long necks and daring (for the time!) swimsuits exude charm and seduction, reflecting Domergue's distinct artistic style from the 1930s. The artist himself lived and worked in Monte Carlo, making this poster a true tribute to the enchanting Cote d'Azur!
Les Plus Belles Femmes by Jean-Gabriel Domergue
Jean-Gabriel Domergue is the self-proclaimed "inventor of the pin-up," first depicting his take on the soon-to-be genre in 1912!
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Perhaps while in Monaco, we can experience its famous Formula 1 racing! Step into the thrilling world of motorsport with these captivating posters for the Monaco Grand Prix, beautifully designed by Géo Ham (Georges Hamel) in 1937 and 1948! As an esteemed French artist and illustrator, Ham was renowned for his exceptional talent in depicting the excitement and speed of racing events. His dynamic compositions, rich in vibrant colors and intricate details, perfectly captured the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of the Grand Prix. Throughout his prolific career, Ham's iconic style graced numerous motorsport events and automotive publications, solidifying his status as one of the leading figures in racing art. 
Monaco Grand Prix 1937 - Travel Art Print by Géo Ham
Géo Ham’s posters serve as a testament to his enduring legacy and the timeless allure of racing history! 🏁
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 Up next, let’s roll the dice at the Palm Beach Casino in Cannes, a historic venue that has graced the French Riviera with glamour and allure for decades! Originally opened in 1929, it has been the playground of the rich and famous for decades, hosting some of the world's most exclusive events. With its picturesque location along the sun-kissed Côte d'Azur, the Palm Beach Casino exudes a sophisticated ambiance, making it a sought-after destination for luxury and entertainment. The vintage 1935 poster by Jean Don captures the elegance and excitement of the casino during its golden age, reflecting the chic atmosphere that attracted elite visitors from near and far! 
Palm Beach Casino - Travel Art Print by Jean Don
A casino destination perfect for every season!
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Thanks for visiting the Riviera with us and that the rest of your summer travels are nostalgically glamorous! And don't forget your luggage label souvenirs: 
The Riviera - Travel Label Sticker Box
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