Boy Hugging Rabbit - Friendship Greeting Card
Honorable mention as a runner-up goes to this boy hugging a rabbit!
See it as a Friendship Greeting Card!
Are you a fellow Pinterest enthusiast? We've always held a soft spot for this platform—it's a realm where visuals reign supreme and where we get to connect with fellow illustration aficionados. Over the past year, we've poured extra love into curating our Pinterest boards, and guess what? Our efforts have paid off in leaps and bounds! Our followers and engagement have skyrocketed, and we've unearthed fascinating insights about which images truly captivate our customers. What's even more intriguing is that our most popular images there differ from our best sellers on With a vast collection of captivating images at our fingertips (literally tens of thousands of images in our digital library!), it's delightful to rediscover some hidden gems. So, without any more delay, let's unveil our top 10 images on our Pinterest page!
Circus Animal Trainer - Congratulations Greeting Card

10. Circus Animal Trainer by Vojtěch Kubašta

See it as an Congratulations Greeting Card!
Boy and Girl Riding a Horse - Children Art Print

9. Boy and Girl Riding a Horse by Harry Anderson

See it as a Birthday Greeting Card!
Dog Kissing Baby - Birthday Greeting Card

8. Dog Kissing a Baby by Mabel Lucie Attwell

See it as a Birthday Greeting Card!
Dancing by Lantern Light - Celebration Art Print

7. Dancing by Lantern Light by Louis Adolphe Tessier

See it as a Celebration Greeting Card!
A Fairy Princess - Fairies Art Print

6. A Fairy Princess by Florence Mary Anderson

See it as a Fairy Art Print!
Babies Playing in Field - Baby Art Print

5. Babies Playing in Field by Mary LaFetra Russell

See it as a New Baby Greeting Card!
Spanish Senorita - Art Deco Ladies Greeting Card

4. Spanish Señorita, Bridge Tally Card by Gibson and Co.

See it as a Greeting Card for Any Occasion!
 Birthday Hat Kitty - Birthday Greeting Card

3. Birthday Hat Kitty by Hooligan Ruth

See it as a Birthday Greeting Card!
 Observing the Dancing Fairies - Fairies Greeting Card

2. Observing the Dancing Fairies by Florence Choate

See it as a Greeting Card for Any Occasion!
Snuggling With Mama - Family Art Print

1. Snuggling With Mama by Florence Harrison

See it as a Greeting Card for Any Occasion!
Which image is your favorite? And can you believe that three different artists named Florence made the list?? If you haven't already, please follow us on Pinterest to stay updated with our latest discoveries and vintage illustration inspirations! Your engagement and enthusiasm are what keep us going, and we can't wait to continue sharing our passion with you. 💙

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