Teacher Reading to Students - Books & Readers Greeting Card
Teacher Reading to Students by Ruth Mary Hallock

As the back-to-school season kicks in, anticipation fills the air. While students in many parts of the country have already filled classrooms, here in our Seattle, Washington hometown, the first school bell doesn't ring until September! But whether it's now or later, this season brings with it the excitement of new school supplies and a touch of childhood nostalgia that resonates with adults. Fortunately, our customers are in for a treat, as we offer an abundance of both: a treasure trove of school essentials and a delightful trip down memory lane. 

Ready - American Notebook
Are you ready for a new school year? Our Journal Notebooks are here to infuse a touch of whimsy into your backpack, alongside all your essential supplies.
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Let’s be honest, not all children are excited to go back to school! Few artists have managed to encapsulate the essence of childhood as remarkably as Jessie Willcox Smith. Renowned for her innate ability to portray the innocence and joy of youth, she holds a special place in the hearts of art enthusiasts. This particular artwork, showcasing a schoolboy torn between his studies and the allure of playtime, stands as a testament to Smith's incredible talent. It's one of the numerous covers she created for Good Housekeeping magazine, a platform that allowed her to capture the simple yet profound moments of growing up. With her remarkable skill, Smith elevated the art of illustration and continues to inspire those who cherish the beauty of childhood captured through her brushstrokes—she's a favorite of ours!
A Boy Daydreaming at School - Jessie Willcox Smith Art Print
Any current or former kid can relate to this reluctant scholar, who originally appeared on the October 1928 cover of Good Housekeeping magazine.
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If you're in the midst of crafting a thoughtful back-to-school care package, consider adding a touch of whimsy with our Chalk Board Decorative Tape! This versatile roll boasts an enchanting pattern of timeless alphabet script set against a chalkboard backdrop. Whether used to seal envelopes, adorn gift wrapping, or add a playful touch to notebooks, this tape exudes a unique charm that resonates with the school days of the past.
Chalk Board - Decorative Tape
While certainly niche, this tape brings a touch of nostalgia and playfulness, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of vintage-inspired school days!
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Elevate your decor with a delightful touch of learning through our Animal Alphabet Sticker Box! Inside this charming box, you'll discover a collection of 26 individual peel-and-stick labels, each adorned with Victorian-inspired animal letters. Whether you're personalizing children's rooms, adding monogram letters, or imbuing a whimsical touch to books and belongings, this lovely ABC set offers a unique and playful way to infuse your space with both aesthetic appeal and educational charm.
E Animal Alphabet - Everyday Sticker Box
 E is for Elephant, of course!
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Introduce the young learners in your life to the world of ABCs and 123s in the most stylish and vibrant way possible! Apples to Zeppelin: A Rockin' ABC for Cool Kids is a board book brimming with over 100 words, blending foundational essentials like "apple" with rock elements such as electric guitars. With vibrant vintage-style illustrations and nods to classic bands like Led Zeppelin, learning becomes a joyful and engaging experience for both kids and parents. And when it comes to numbers, One, Two, Three O'Clock, Rock! takes them on a musical journey from 1 to 100, with each number paired with a rock song reference. Both board books are durably designed for endless learning adventures!
ABCs & 123s for Cool Kids!
Cool kids love to read and count!
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Also for new readers embarking on their literary journey, our collection of Good Dog Carl books offers a delightful experience. A selection of these books is part of Macmillan Publishers' My Readers collection, which introduces classic tales and characters in a format tailored for new readers. The adventures of everyone’s favorite Rottweiler, Carl, will inspire a love for reading from the very start!
Carl and the Puppies - Good Dog, Carl Book (Signed)
All of our Good Dog Carl books come signed by the author and illustrator, Alexandra Day, and include a stamp print of the real Carl's paw!
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Lastly, our ever-popular Books & Readers Collection offers a treasure trove of greeting cards and art prints that celebrate a lifetime love of reading! Featuring the enchanting works of artists like Molly Benatar, John R. Neill, Norman Rockwell, and more, this collection bridges the worlds of literature and art. Whether you're a lifelong learner, an art enthusiast, or simply seeking something exceptional, you'll find a piece that resonates. Thanks for embracing your inner nerd along with us—happy back to school season!
 Dog with a Book - Books & Readers Greeting Card
Our Books & Readers Collection also includes this cute literary dog by Manolo Prieto; it's one of our newest designs!
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