Lady under a Green Umbrella - Encouragement Greeting Card
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Within Laughing Elephant's extensive image archive, you'll find illustrations that have stood the test of time, many even exceeding a century in age! Though not fresh off the easel, our passion for breathing new life into these vintage treasures is unwavering. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our latest creations, many tailored for the upcoming holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. For all you early birds who like to plan your card-sending ahead, these designs are primed and waiting!  From greeting cards to stationery sets, art prints, and beyond, we've infused these vintage gems with a fresh perspective—let us show you!
Over the past year, we introduced our Letter Writing Sets with immense enthusiasm, and their resounding success reinforced the enduring charm of letter writing. Building on this, we're delighted to present our latest additions to the line: delightful fairies illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker and enchanting birds sourced from Victorian scraps. Whether you're an avid letter writer or looking to rekindle the joy of sending handwritten notes, these sets are a must-see!
Stationery SetsEach set comes with 12 letter sheets, beautifully bagged and bound with 6 matching envelopes!
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Speaking of fairies, behold the enchanting arrival of new ones to our catalog! The convergence of Victorian fascination with fairies and the Golden Age of Illustration has gifted us with a profusion of enchanting portrayals to choose from. Within our already diverse collection, we've introduced two more exquisite additions, one by Erich Schutz and another by M. L. Kirk.
Fairy with Butterfly Wings - Fairies Greeting Card
Erich Schutz envisioned this whimsical tableau featuring a charming fairy and her equally enchanting flower friends!
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Now, let's plunge into the realm of mermaids, those mystical cousins of fairies! Within this captivating realm, you'll encounter a delightful blend of mermaids sourced from storybooks and an unexpectedly abundant selection from vintage magazines. Among these aquatic wonders, we proudly present our newest additions—a creation from the intricate imagination of Edmund Dulac and an intriguing mermaid featured in a 1930s swimsuit advertisement seen below!
Mermaid in a Suit - Mermaids Greeting Card
This stylish lady from a 1930s swimsuit ad by the R. & W. H. Symington company proves that even mermaids need swimwear!
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As spooky season approaches, we can't help but share our excitement! Halloween might not top the charts as a major card-sending holiday, but we're thrilled that many of our customers send these whimsical greetings to the kids in their lives. To ensure smiles all around, we've incorporated a range of super cute (not scary) cards into our Halloween Collection, because there's joy in every little Halloween treat we share!
Kitten in Pumpkin - Halloween Greeting Card
Say hello to this adorable mid-century black cat, ready to deliver spooky sweet Halloween wishes!
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For those who appreciate the wonderfully peculiar imagery found in Edwardian and Victorian postcards, our Thanksgiving Collection is a treasure trove waiting to be explored! During the late-19th and early-20th centuries, postcards were in vogue, with countless millions sent annually. Holidays were, naturally, a beloved subject, leading to an array of wonderfully weird images. Explore the antics of yesteryear's turkeys and prepare for a visual treat that's as fascinating as it is offbeat—perhaps you’ll be inspired to send Thanksgiving cards this year!
Baby and a Big Turkey - Thanksgiving Greeting Card
This adorable (?) little American is ready for a delicious Thanksgiving meal!
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Get ready for an early festive treat as we unveil the latest in our Christmas Collection! No matter your preferred holiday card style—be it traditional, cute, whimsical, religious, or chic—we've got the perfect individual card or card set to match your preference. But wait, there's more! We're especially thrilled to introduce our fresh additions: the Dogs at Christmas and Cats at Christmas boxed sets. Drawing inspiration from the popularity of our pet images in previous years, we're thrilled to offer you even more heartwarming options to spread holiday cheer to all the animal lovers in your life!
Lady on a Sled - Christmas Greeting Card

All our greeting cards, including this one by the Art Deco master Erté, can be yours individually for $6 or in a half dozen bundle for just $22!
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There's plenty more new greeting card designs across our Friendship, Thank You, Encouragement, Sympathy, and Books & Readers Collections. Take a peek and share your thoughts with us! If you believe there's a specific type of card or artist we should include, don't hesitate to reach out to our Brand & Content Manager at We appreciate your interest in our brand-new (vintage) cards!
Birthday Elephant - Birthday Greeting Card
Of course we had to add another elephant to the lineup—this one of a handful of new cards featuring the designs of  Paul Cline!
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