Slipping a Valentine through a Fence - Valentine's Day Greeting Card
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Step back in time to appreciate some lovely vintage magazine covers, where talented artists crafted captivating illustrations in the pre-photography era. Our catalog is a treasure trove of these timeless gems. With Valentine's Day approaching, we can't help but showcase a selection of love, heart, and rose-filled covers! Click below on the original covers to reveal the delightful transformations in our reproduced images!
Schoolroom Valentine - Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Women's World Magazine, February 1935artist unknown
Girl in a Pinafore with a Valentine - Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Good Housekeeping, February 1928 by Jessie Willcox Smith
A Collie Bringing Valentines - Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Red Cross Magazine, February 1920 by Will Rannells
A Valentine for a Friend? - Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Collier's, February 16, 1935 by Robert O. Reid
Baby Offers a Valentine - Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Woman’s Home Companion, February 1916 by  Henry F. Wireman
Valentine Labels - Holiday Sticker Box
Woman’s Home Companion, February 1936, artist unknown & Good HousekeepingFebruary 1937 by Horace Gaffron
Summer Rose - Fashion Art Print
Harper's Bazar,  May 1929 by Erté
Stop And Smell The Roses - Birthday Greeting Card
Good Housekeeping June 1927 by Jessie Willcox Smith

There are several images for which we can't trace the source but strongly suspect originated from magazine covers, like this portly postman by Charles H. Twelvetrees, ready to deliver Valentine greetings! Explore our complete Valentine's Day collection and send your own love-filled messages.

A Chubby Young Postman - Valentine's Day Greeting Card

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