Girl With Crown - Birthday Greeting Card

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Hope you have a happy day,
A birthday grand in every way!

All hail the queen of cuteness! These chubby-cheeked kids at play are classic Charles H. Twelvetrees. The puppy leads the way in this grand procession, fit for a royal birthday! See this image as an art print!

Charles H. Twelvetrees (1888-1948) remains a bit of a mystery in the art world, leaving behind a trail of intriguing signatures such as Charles R. Twelvetrees, CT, or C. His distinctive style, characterized by chubby-cheeked child figures and happy dogs, adorns early postcards and various paper ephemera. Some postcard enthusiasts speculate the existence of a father and son Twelvetree, each contributing to the artistic legacy. The artist ventured into newspaper comics with creations like Prince Domino and Muffles (1910) and Johnny Quack and the Van Cluck Twins (1909-1911). Particularly prized are his original Valentines, sought after by collectors and often reproduced for contemporary holiday celebrations.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Charles H. Twelvetrees

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