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This poster commissioned by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) has that magical quality that makes you want to rush to your local library in search of new literary adventures! Crafted between 1936 and 1940 by Albert M. Bender for the WPA Statewide Library Project, it not only serves as a piece of art but also as a reminder of the importance of libraries. While the original copy now resides in the Library of Congress, sharing a reproduction of this poster with a fellow book lover would surely spark their literary enthusiasm during the Halloween season!

Albert M. Bender, a relatively enigmatic figure, especially considering his shared name with a prominent patron of the arts in San Francisco, was an artist based in Chicago. While limited information is available about his life, it is known that he gained recognition for his work in creating dynamic posters for the Illinois WPA Art Project in Chicago. His artistic endeavors were undoubtedly significant within the context of the American government's efforts to support artists during challenging times.

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Albert M. Bender

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