Climbing Roses - Thank You Greeting Card

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Marvel at the astonishing level of detail captured in these roses! It's a testament to the deep artistic devotion of George Cochran Lambdin, who dedicated his life to portraying his beloved flower. He created this masterpiece in 1877 and aptly named it Roses on a Wall—this exquisite piece is more than a painting; it's a celebration of Lambdin's passion for roses. Now, it serves as the perfect adornment for a card, infusing your flowery messages with the intricate artistry in every petal. See this image on a card with a blank interior, perfect for any occasion!

George Cochran Lambdin (1830–1896) was an influential American still-life and portrait painter, renowned as "The King of Roses." Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his artistic journey began under the guidance of his father, James Reid Lambdin, an esteemed academic figure painter. Initially, George Lambdin ventured into painting genre scenes and depictions of the Civil War. However, it was his unique distinction as the first American artist to specialize in painting roses that truly set him apart. Residing in Germantown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia celebrated for its commercial nurseries, he drew inspiration from the abundant floral beauty surrounding him. Cultivating his own renowned rose garden, he became synonymous with the art of capturing the delicate nuances of roses in various stages of bloom. Lambdin's detailed and exquisite floral compositions adorned the homes of affluent patrons, marking him as a significant figure in American art during the mid-19th century.

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George Cochran Lambdin

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