A Valentine from Her Love - Valentine's Day Art Print

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Get swept up in the romance of this moment! Capturing the connection between two enamored young people, we suspect it may have graced the cover of a magazine in its heyday. Regardless of its origin, this captivating illustration serves as perfect decor for the homes of romantics. See our entire Valentine's Day Collection!

Fanny Munsell (1884-1920), an American artist, left a lasting mark in the world of magazine illustration, renowned for her distinctive grisaille style—a technique executed entirely in shades of grey or another neutral color. Despite the limited details available about her life, Fanny's artistic legacy endures. Interestingly, she played a pivotal role as a teacher to her husband, Charles Edward Chambers, who later achieved great acclaim as an illustrator and painter. Fanny's influence is evident in the notable work of Chambers, showcasing the enduring impact of her artistic prowess.

Our prints are suitable for framing or can be used as is for wall display.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Product Specs

11" x 14", Bagged with Backer Board


Fanny Munsell