A Woman Dancing in Classical Drapery - Women Greeting Card

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Jay Weaver, the artist behind this piece, was exceptionally skilled in capturing movement! This talent is evident in the fluidity of the rippling fabric behind the dancer. This artwork originally appeared in the May 1925 edition of Physical Culture, a health and fitness magazine for which Weaver created numerous sports and activity-themed covers. With this image, we're transported to the perspective of the audience! See this image as an art print!

Jay Weaver was a mid-20th-century American realist artist known to work in Oklahoma and New York. Most active between the 1930s and the late 1950s, his life remains mysterious, but his artistic legacy endures through a diverse body of work. He left behind fine art pieces in oil and pastels, intricate bronze sculptures depicting Western cowboy figures, and captivating magazine covers. His artistic career seems to have begun in the 1920s when he gained recognition for his depictions of silent film stars exuding full glamour and charming flapper-esque figures caught in mid-movement.

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Jay Weaver

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