Bear Father and Son- Father's Day Greeting Card

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This father and son bear duo are enjoying some quality time together—a reminder that a dad can also be a great friend! Illustrated by Harry Rountree, these fellows are dressed in much fancier attire and employ fishing methods quite different from those of real-life bears, but such imaginative worlds are typical of his anthropomorphic creations! See our entire Father's Day Collection!

Harry Rountree (1878–1950) was a British artist known for his exceptional contributions to the Golden Age of Illustration. Born in New Zealand, he began his career as a special artist for the Auckland Weekly News before moving to London, where his work graced various publications. Rountree gained recognition for his illustrations in books, magazines, and advertisements, particularly his depictions of animals in a popular series commissioned by Little Folks magazine. His ability to infuse personality and emotion into his characters, especially animals, set him apart. Rountree's legacy includes his enchanting illustrations, notably his unique portrayal of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland books, where he depicted Alice as a brunette, a departure from convention!

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Harry Rountree

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