Cheering Frogs Greeting - Birthday Greeting Card

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Celebrate a birthday with these party animals! While we've interpreted them as frogs, they're actually bogles—mischievous creatures from Northumbrian and Scottish folktales known for making life difficult for humans. In this delightful illustration by John D. Batten for the story The Golden Ball, we join in their glee. Whether frogs or bogles, one thing's for certain: these charming characters have become the stars of one of our most popular birthday cards! See our entire Friendly Frogs Collection!

John D. Batten (1860–1932), a distinguished British painter, illustrator, and printmaker from Plymouth, Devon, expressed a lifelong passion for mythological and allegorical themes in his art. His most renowned works adorn the pages of various fairy tale books by the esteemed folklorist writer Joseph Jacobs. What distinguishes Batten is his deep commitment to reviving the tempera technique of painting—an ancient method that involves combining dry powdered pigments with a binding agent, typically egg yolk, to create a fast-drying paint. This traditional approach, predating the invention of oil paints, captivated his imagination. Alongside his wife, Mary Batten, a skilled gilder, he was an active member of The Society of Painters in Tempera.

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John D. Batten

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