Child with a Lantern - Fairies Greeting Card

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In this captivating image, a child's lantern casts a warm, inviting glow upon their enchanting fairy companions. This alluring scene served as the cover artwork by Grace Jones for the 1953 book, The Bedtime Story Book, published by Ward, Lock & Co. With its magical ambiance and the promise of captivating tales within, this illustration transports us to a world of wonder and dreams. See our entire Storybook Collection!

No, not THAT Grace Jones you might be thinking of—this one was an illustrator (1906-1997, we think). But because her name is shared with the famous model-singer-actress, finding info on her life can be a bit of a challenge. Got any insights? We're all ears! Feel free to send an email to our Brand & Content Manager at We're always up for discovering more about vintage illustration!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Grace Jones

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