Ciao Bella Italy - Travel Label Sticker Box

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20 unique die-cut stickers, boxed

Ah, Italy. Italy’s legacy of classical antiquity, astounding food, natural beauty, and art make this beautiful country one of the world’s most popular travel destinations—a status it has held for a long time. Indeed, as long as three hundred years ago, travelers included Italy on their Grand Tour itineraries. We’ve selected twenty vintage travel labels to reproduce as large peel-and-stick stickers that celebrate Bella Italia and its travel heritage. Destinations include Palermo, Rome, Florence, Milan, Lake Como, Venice, and more. See all our Boxed Sticker Sets!

Luggage labels were initially adhesive tags affixed to a traveler's luggage for identification purposes, but over time, they evolved into souvenirs representing travel destinations. Typically issued by hotels, airlines, railways, and cruise companies, they gained popularity during the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, the Golden Age of Travel. This era saw the rise of mass tourism and the expansion of transportation networks, including railroads, ocean liners, and, eventually, air travel. Beyond their practical function, luggage labels served as advertisements featuring elaborate designs crafted by renowned artists, transforming them into miniature art pieces. Although their utilitarian role has waned, they remain prized ephemeral collectibles today!

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Product Specs

4.75" X 6", 20 Die-Cut Sticker Sheets, Bagged & Boxed