Dancing by Lantern Light - Celebration Greeting Card

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Get swept up in the whirlwind of this lively party scene! It's fitting, then, that its original French title is Tourbillon, or Whirlwind in English. Created by the supremely talented Louis Adolphe Tessier, we're captivated not only by the dynamic movement but also by the contrast of shadow and light, as well as the genuinely joyful expressions captured within it. It's no surprise that this artwork ranks among our most popular images on Pinterest! See this image as an art print!

Born in Antwerp, Louis Adolphe Tessier (1858-1915) was a French artist who studied at the prestigious Beaux-Arts in Paris. His artistic journey was further enriched through training in the studio of Jean-Léon Gérôme. With meticulous attention to detail, he masterfully captured landscapes, historical narratives, and literary themes in his illustrations. Tessier's contributions extended beyond illustration as he transitioned into becoming a notable genre scene painter, focusing on vivid depictions of everyday life. His talents were recognized by the Salon of French Artists in Paris, where he gained membership in 1905. His exhibitions there were marked by an honorable mention in 1886 and a third-class medal in 1909, showcasing his growing stature within the artistic community. Despite the limited documentation of his life, Tessier's legacy endures through his evocative artwork, revealing a painter deeply attuned to the nuances of his time.

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Louis Adolphe Tessier

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