Dogs Running With Balloon - Fan Favorite Notebook

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20 pages, lined

Capturing pure canine joy, this lively illustration by Warren Davis from a 1920s magazine, featuring two terriers and a playful balloon, has rightfully earned its place among our most beloved images! For this series, we have selected our most popular and beloved images of children and animals. These exuberant dogs, chasing a red balloon, lend their happy faces to this notebook. See this image on a greeting card, as an art print, AND on postcards in a set!

Warren B. Davis (1889–1973) was a prolific American artist and illustrator, deeply rooted in the flourishing periodicals and newspaper printing industry of his hometown, New York. Coming of age during a time of significant growth in this field, Davis embarked on an artistic journey that would redefine women's status and social standing during the Gilded Age. His early career primarily revolved around editorial art for magazines aimed at female readers. As one of many commercial and fine artists of his era, Davis played a pivotal role in reshaping the portrayal of women in society. Beyond this, he displayed his versatility as a skilled draughtsman, creating formal portraits, sentimental genre scenes, and other commissioned fine art for private clients. While not a household name today, Davis's distinctive artistic fusion and his contributions to the realm of illustration have made a lasting impact.

Our line of Fan Favorite Notebooks features rounded edges and a sewn binding. The back covers contain helpful information in a vintage style, including the multiplication table and various measurement tables.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Product Specs

6.625" X 8.625", 20 Pages, Paperbound, Lined Pages


Warren Davis