Exotic Destinations - Travel Label Sticker Box

$16.00 USD
SKU: 11806

20 Large die cut stickers, boxed.

This box of 20 individual peel and stick luggage labels are suitable for scrapbooking, decoupage, gift wrapping and, of course the adornment of old trunks and luggage.

Most travelers tend to go to the same places. As wonderful as they are-Rome, New York, London, Madrid, Hawaii, Jamaica, they are also familiar. Here we offer labels from hotels on out-of-the-ordinary pathways. This selection includes: Damascus, Asuncion, Tiberias, Nicosia, Victoria Falls, Mysore, Luanda and beyond.

Product Specs

4.75" X 6", 20 Die-Cut Sticker Sheets, Bagged & Boxed