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Step into a world of enchantment and join these delightful fairy companions as they embark on a moonlit adventure, soaring through the night sky on the back of an owl. In an era filled with countless fairy depictions, Amelia Jane Murry's fairies stand out with their unique and delicate style, adding an extra touch of magic to the scene. This captivating image was published on a postcard in 1885, preserving its timeless charm for generations to come. See this image on a greeting card AND on postcards in a set!

Amelia Jane Murry (1800-1896) was a Victorian artist celebrated for her enchanting fairy illustrations, crafted with delicate watercolors and inspired by the Manx Gaelic fairy folklore of her native Isle of Man. Born into an illustrious family as the daughter of Lord Henry Murray and the niece of John Murray, the 4th Duke of Atholl, Murry's artistic journey began in the early 1820s. Her fairy artworks intricately wove Manx folklore into lush depictions of flora and fauna, seamlessly integrating delicate fairies with the natural landscape. In 1829, she married Sir John Oswald of Dunniker, adopting the title of Lady Oswald. The couple relocated to Fife, Scotland, and raised a blended family of eight children. However, with the passing of Sir John Oswald in 1840, Murry ceased her artistic pursuits. She continued her remarkable life until her demise in 1896. In 1985, her exquisite fairy paintings found their way into the public eye through the publication of A Regency Lady’s Fairy Bower, ensuring her legacy endures.

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Amelia Jane Murray