Flamenco Dancer and Partner - Celebration Art Print

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Step backstage for a pre-performance glimpse of this scene that graced the cover of Ladies' Home Journal in March 1932. The headline tantalizingly hints at an article within, showcasing "The Season's Newest Dance." Their costumes suggest that this dance is none other than the sultry and captivating flamenco. See our entire Vintage Magazine Collection!

Can you believe that the artist behind this image is none other than Robert E. Lee? Not to be confused with the Civil War figure, Robert Edmond Lee (1899-1980) intriguingly chose to sign his work with the same name as the renowned general. Lee was active in the 1930s and contributed several magazine covers to prominent publications during that era. However, beyond his artistic contributions, little else is known about his life. Do you know anything more about him? If so, send an email to our Brand & Content Manager at allison@laughingelephant.com. We're always eager to learn more about vintage illustration!

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Robert E. Lee