Frog Playing Big Drum - Birthday Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: Have a great day!

Beat the drum for a great birthday! While we're not entirely sure about the original appearance of this adorable amphibian, we know he's Stewart Orr's creation and most likely originated in a children's book. Over the years, we've adapted him into various designs, ensuring that his legacy marches on. See our entire Birthday Card Collection!

Stewart Orr (1872–1944) was a Scottish watercolor artist and book illustrator born in Glasgow and studied art at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art. His illustrated works are particularly notable for their humor, a distinctive trait that set him apart from his Victorian contemporaries. Like many artists of his time who focused on animal morality and fairy tales featuring animals in human clothing, his drawings, full of wit and whimsy, stand out. Although he is primarily known for his book illustrations, his proficiency as a watercolorist was equally impressive. His depictions of nature, especially seascapes, were characterized by their beauty, softness, and attention to detail. In recognition of his artistic achievements, Orr was elected a member of the esteemed Royal Watercolour Society in 1925.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle. 

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Stewart Orr

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