Good Dog, Carl - (Signed)

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The book that started it all — first in a long series of Good Dog, Carl books and the many adventures of the fun-loving, inquisitive Rottweiler and his young companions.

Carl is every child's favorite Rottweiler, the dog with the dexterity and responsibility of an adult. Carl takes care of the baby Madeline when her mother is away. Lunch is bread and butter on the floor, followed by a quick hop in the tub, a speedy blow dry and back into the crib just in time for Mom's reappearance. Success of this book is dependent on reproduction of the drawings, which is exquisite.
- Union-Tribune

This book is signed by Alexandra Day, and with a stamp-print of the real Carl's paw.

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7.5" X 8.5", 32 Pages, Hardbound


Alexandra Day