Handsome Lion - Birthday Greeting Card

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"And the Lion had a green and yellow tie on in Johnny Crow's Garden." With this charming line from L. Leslie Brooke's rhyming book Johnny Crow's Garden, we are introduced to this proud lion and a host of other whimsical animals who gather for a party and feast in said delightful garden. Given the book's jovial atmosphere, it's quite fitting that this formal fellow is a perfect choice for the front of a popular birthday greeting card! See our entire Birthday Card Collection!

L. Leslie Brooke (1862-1940) was born in Sussex, England, and initially pursued dual careers in law and art. However, it was his enchanting and fanciful illustrations that would become his defining legacy. Among his notable creations are beloved children's classics such as Johnny Crow's Garden (1903) and Ring O' Roses (1922). Within these pages, anthropomorphic animals embark on whimsical adventures, captivating the hearts of young readers with engaging tales and captivating imagery. Brooke's enduring impact is evident in his timeless contributions to children's literature, particularly in the realm of English children's literature.

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L. Leslie Brooke

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