Happy Mother's Day - A Perfect Pink Rose - Mother's Day Greeting Card

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A perfect blooming pink rose for Mother's Day! This image is especially meaningful as its artist, Maud Naftel, wrote specifically about this watercolor piece and the challenges she faced in capturing its beauty in 1886. The exact color of the rose and the clear vase presented a unique challenge for her, but one that, we believe you'll agree, was well worth the effort! See our entire Mother's Day Collection!

Maud Naftel (1856–1890) was a British painter celebrated for her captivating watercolor illustrations of flowers and botanical subjects. Born in Guernsey (Channel Islands), she displayed remarkable talent for art from a young age, and her passion for botanical illustration flourished Her delicate yet vibrant watercolor paintings of flowers, often depicted with meticulous attention to detail, earned her widespread acclaim and recognition during her lifetime. She was such an authority on the genre that in 1886, she published the book Flowers and How to Paint Them. Her artworks were highly sought after and exhibited in prestigious galleries, and notably, she was a member of the Old or Royal Watercolour Society, becoming only the sixteenth woman to gain membership since the Society’s inception in 1804. Despite her tragically short life, Naftel's legacy as a talented botanical artist endures through her timeless flowers.

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Maud Naftel

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