Hula Hoops - Captivating Cats Notebook

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24 pages, lined

Hula hoops are great exercise for the whole family! Crafted by the talented Eugen Hartung, this postcard art is part of a delightful series showcasing the everyday lives of anthropomorphic cats, often adorned in charming attire. His work is known for its bustling and humorous depictions, typically with a comical mishap right around the corner. These playful postcards frequently include other animals, such as mice, dogs, and hedgehogs, adding to the delightful chaos of these endearing feline characters. See this image on postcards in a set!

Eugen Hartung (1897–1973), a celebrated Swiss artist, is renowned for his endearing and mischievous Mainzer cats. These whimsical feline characters, known for their charming escapades and clever wit, first graced postcards in Switzerland through Max Künzli of Zurich, featuring continuous tone printing. Post-WWII, the Alfred Mainzer Company in Long Island City, NY, continued to publish these beloved cats, affectionately known as Mainzer cats. Hartung's illustrations brought these cats to life with expressive faces and playful antics, revealing his deep understanding of cat behavior. While his artistic talents extended to various forms of illustration, he's also well-recognized for his work on the cherished Swiss songbook Chömed Chinde, mir wänd singe, published by the Maggi food factory in Kemptthal in 1946, beloved across several Swiss generations. If you ever find yourself in Zurich, don't miss the opportunity to seek out his murals around the city. Yet, it's his delightful and chaotic cats that have left an enduring paw print in the world of cat-themed art and humor.

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5.5" X 7.25", 24 Pages, Paperbound, Lined Pages


Eugen Hartung