Number One Scottie - Friendship Greeting Card

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OUTSIDE GREETING: You're Number 1!


This proud Scottie dog, adorned with a blue ribbon and flanked by cats, is the ultimate card for a dog lover! Can you believe it was created to promote an actual dog show? The original artwork was a Work Projects Administration (WPA) Poster advertising a 1939 pet show in Illinois; an original copy by Arlington Gregg is now housed in the Library of Congress. See our entire Friendship Card Collection!

Arlington Gregg (1909-1964) was an American artist, notably a Works Progress Administration (WPA) poster artist and lithographer. Despite being raised in an orphanage and largely self-taught, he secured a position in the Illinois Office of the Federal Arts Project Poster Division (1935-1942), where his work stood out for its incorporation of Modernist elements, whimsical cartoon-like imagery, and innovative use of typography in design. Before his role in Washington DC as Senior Lithographic Artistic Draftsman for the Naval Oceanographic Office during World War II, he was a draftsman for the Army Map Service in Chicago. During his time in the Navy, he undertook various illustrative projects and cartography, including contributing as a cartoonist for the office's wartime newspaper, The Scuttlebutt. Beyond his official duties, Gregg's artwork received acclaim and was exhibited at prestigious venues such as the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Washington Arts Club.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Arlington Gregg

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