Pierrot at Midnight - Celebration Art Print

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Pierrot, a timeless and iconic figure in the world of theater and performance, is a stock character known for his distinctive white costume with loose, billowing sleeves and a frilled collar. Originating in Commedia dell'arte, an Italian form of improvisational theater in the 17th century, Pierrot evolved into a character recognized worldwide. He embodies a wide range of emotions, often portrayed as a lovelorn and melancholic figure, which contrasts with his fellow characters like the mischievous Harlequin and the brash Pantalone. Pierrot's persona has transcended centuries and cultures, becoming a symbol of innocence, naivety, and the human condition's vulnerability. His character has inspired countless artists, from literature to visual arts and mime, making him an enduring and universal symbol of human emotions and the human experience.

Eric Pape (1870-1938) was a highly skilled American artist renowned for his significant contributions to both illustration and the fine arts. Born in San Francisco, California, Pape's early artistic training drew him to Boston, where he became a student of the esteemed artist Edmund C. Tarbell. Pape's artistic portfolio encompassed a wide array of subjects, spanning landscapes, portraits, and illustrations for prominent magazines of his era. His distinctive style, characterized by its Impressionistic influences and mastery of color and light, earned him great respect within the art community. Eric Pape's enduring legacy persists through his invaluable contributions to American art and his profound influence on the Boston School, a pivotal player in the evolution of American Impressionism.

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Eric Pape