Puzzlemaker - Cards to Color Greeting Cards

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10 black-and-white greeting cards (each a unique design)


Immerse yourself in a world of creativity with these ten captivating images by George Carlson, perfect for you or your recipient to bring to life with color! First published in a 1920s children's magazine, they're fun even if you aren't familiar with the source or character of Peter Puzzlemaker—these cards offer both a puzzle to solve and a picture to color! See all our Cards to Color Sets!

George Leonard Carlson (1887-1962) was a prolific illustrator and artist with a whimsical and surreal style. While he gained recognition for his iconic dust jacket for the first edition of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind (1936), his true passion lay in cartoons, comics, riddles, puzzles, nonsense rhymes, and games! As the chief artist and designer for the pioneering children’s pulp, John Martin’s Book, he crafted a playful and surreal world that captivated audiences. Despite being hailed by The Comics Journal as an "under-appreciated, largely overlooked cartoonist, illustrator, game designer, and graphic artist extraordinaire," his legacy endures through his influential 1933 book Draw Comics! Here's How - A Complete Book on Cartooning, which continues to inspire aspiring cartoonists. Recent retrospectives and publications like Perfect Nonsense: The Chaotic Comics and Goofy Games of George Carlson (2014) have reignited interest in his imaginative creations.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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George Carlson

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