Red Diamonds - French Deco Notebook

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24 pages, lined

White wings and numerous diamonds form a striking design crafted by the renowned French designer M.P. Verneuil for Kaléidoscope: Ornements Abstraits (Kaleidoscope: Abstract Ornaments), published in 1926. This collection features 87 designs for textiles, all showcasing the distinctive Art Deco style. We believe Verneuil would commend our decision to adapt this particular design into a notebook cover! See our entire Art Deco Collection!

Maurice Pillard Verneuil (1869-1942), born in Saint Quentin, France, refined his artistic talents under the guidance of Swiss designer Eugène Grasset. Embarking on a successful career, he drew inspiration from Japanese art and the natural world, particularly the sea. He garnered recognition for his Art Deco geometric patterns. Transitioning to Art Nouveau, he created striking floral designs for ceramic tiles, wallpapers, and textiles. Although not a household name, his influence was far-reaching, as seen in his published works showcasing designs for fabric, jewelry, ironwork, pottery, and more. These books themselves are works of art, shaping the direction of both Art Deco and Nouveau aesthetics.

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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5.5" X 7.25", 24 Pages, Paperbound, Lined Pages


M.P. Verneuil