Rosie the Riveter - Encouragement Greeting Card

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Taking a creative lunch break, this hardworking woman graced the cover of Argosy Magazine in the early 1940s, brought to life by the talented hand of artist Arthur Sarnoff. In classic pin-up fashion, her pose was based on a real woman model, adding a touch of authenticity to this vintage illustration. See this image as an art print AND on postcards in a set!

Arthur Sarnoff (1912-2000) was a remarkable American artist who developed his skills through formal education, having studied at both the Industrial School and the Grand Central Art School in New York City under teachers such as John Clymer and Andrew Wyeth. Sarnoff's artistic talents led him to become a member of the prestigious Society of Illustrators and allowed him to exhibit his works in renowned institutions, including the National Academy of Design. Throughout his career, he was a sought-after artist for national magazines. He crafted an impressive portfolio of magazine covers, interior illustrations, and advertising imagery for major names in the 1930s. His artistic legacy is primarily associated with two iconic subjects: the creation of tasteful and popular pin-up girl calendars and the whimsical portrayal of canine athletes participating in various games and sports. Among these depictions, The Hustler, featuring pool-playing dogs, became particularly renowned, emerging as one of the best-selling prints of the 1950s!

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Arthur Sarnoff

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