Spanish Señorita - Art Deco Ladies Greeting Card

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This Spanish beauty is ready to dance the flamenco, play cards, or perhaps both! She originates from a very unique piece of paper ephemera: a 1920s or 30s bridge tally card made by Gibson and Co. (later known as Gibson Art Company, Gibson Greeting Cards, Inc., & Gibson Greetings, Inc.). The original artist, an employee of the company, is unknown. These meticulously designed cards served as both place cards for the game and a means to keep score during spirited rounds of bridge, while also doubling as charming keepsakes for the gathering! Adorned with intricate illustrations and delicate details, these vintage tally cards offer a glimpse into a time when bridge was a beloved pastime!

We have reproduced them as they were originally: die-cut and embellished with gold foil. We provide a dark card with a deco pattern, which makes an ideal background to frame or otherwise display the image, along with a decorative envelope so that one of these lovely cards can be shared with a friend!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Product Specs

A7 (5" X 7") Die-Cut, Bagged with Matching Envelope