Stop And Smell The Roses - Jessie Willcox Smith Art Print

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This sweet little girl reminds us to slow down and appreciate beauty! Jessie Willcox Smith drew her for the June 1927 cover of Good Housekeeping magazine. A rose-related fun fact: Smith was a part of a group of women artists named The Red Rose Girls—Violet Oakley, Elizabeth Shippen Green, Henrietta Cozens, and Smith lived together cooperatively to support one another in their careers. It was certainly unconventional for their times, but allowed them to have artistic success! See this image on a greeting card!

Jessie Willcox Smith (1863-1935), a cherished name at Laughing Elephant, wields a remarkable artistic legacy. Mentored by Howard Pyle, an illustrious influence, she emerged as a formidable woman artist in the Golden Age of Illustration, defying norms in a male-dominated realm—she was among the highest-paid illustrators of her time! Beyond canvas, she left her mark on nearly 200 Good Housekeeping magazine covers, while also gracing classic children's books and creating artistic ads for iconic brands like Ivory Soap and Kodak. Sensitivity to human experience defined her work, and her idealized images endure as motherhood and childhood archetypes.

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Jessie Willcox Smith