Stork Carrying Baby - Baby Greeting Card

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INSIDE GREETING: Where do you come from, baby dear? Out of the everywhere into the here.

A sweet card to welcome a new baby! It combines the creativity of two Scots: Scottish illustrator Anne Anderson softly renders the mythical moment when the stork brings the baby, paired with the words of Scottish author George MacDonald from his poem appropriately titled Baby. This magical image was created when the stork myth gained popularity, popularized by Hans Christian Andersen in his baby-delivering tale, The Storks. See this image as an art print!

Anne Anderson (1874–1930) was a Scottish-born artist who grew up in Argentina. Influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, she developed a distinctive style characterized by delicate lines and intricate details, which echoed the aesthetic of her artist husband, Alan White. However, following a professional scandal that tarnished her husband's reputation, Anderson emerged as the primary breadwinner of their relationship. Her enchanting illustrations, often featuring ethereal and graceful figures, adorned numerous children's books, fairy tales, annuals, postcards, greeting cards, and even commercial ceramics, earning her acclaim as one of the foremost illustrators of her time!

This product was custom designed and created at our location in Seattle.

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Anne Anderson

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