Sunflowers - Art Print Set

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Here, we celebrate the sunflower, a flower famously adored by Van Gogh and numerous other artists throughout history. We offer three exquisite art prints showcasing its positivity, carefully selected from our collection. The framed piece dates back to 1903's Etude De La Plante Son Application Aux Industries D'art (Study of the Plant and Its Application to the Art Industries) by M.P. Verneuil. The triumphant single flower originates from 1613's Hortus Eystettensis (Garden of Eichstätt) by Basilius Besler. Lastly, the garden scene is extracted from the 1900s's Album de la Décoration (Album of Decoration) by A. Calavas. This trio offers a historic and visually stunning decorative ensemble! See our entire Sun & Sunflowers Collection!

Our prints are suitable for framing or can be used as is for wall display.

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Product Specs

11" x 14", 3 Prints, Bagged with Backer Board