The Doggy Book - Children's Shape Book

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A delightful array of dogs in fancy dress, accompanied by lighthearted verse.

This reprint of a book originally published in 1940 boasts no credited author or illustrator, but these anonymous creators gave us a delightful array of dressed-up dogs engaged in a variety of human pursuits. We have a Scottie tailor, assisting a duck friend with a sailor suit. A family of terriers is most proud of their outfits, which include top hat and tails for Papa Dog and a full kilt and cap for Baby Dog. Into even this gentle tale (or should we say tail?) a little rain must fall, and here it takes the form of a tumble into a puddle, and a bit of mocking by an interloping cat. All in all, The Doggy Book, is a delightfully lighthearted gathering of beautiful illustrations of one of our favorite genresanimals dressed up and acting as humans and sure to be enjoyed by children or anyone who enjoys vintage illustration.

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8.6" X 12.25", 16 Pages, Paperbound & Die-Cut